Fun Facts about our Fuzzy Friends

As we are getting prepared for our Big Event, we can't help but to think about bacon - I mean, Pigs. Not only do they provide us with amazing dishes and flavors, but they're also very intriguing, curious animals. Here are some fun insights into the life of a pig!

  • Oink, Oink! Pigs are in constant communication with one another. They encompass a range of oinks, squeals and grunts that all carry their own meanings.
  • Pigs are SMART! These curious and insightful animals are accepted as being smarter than young children, dogs and even some primates. 
  • The Snout. Pigs snouts are primarily a large disk of cartilage. This cartilage is attached to muscle which gives it extra flexibility and strength for 'rooting' into the ground more than most animals can. 
  • Although they love the mud as a way of cooling off, pigs are extremely clean. They have designated 'toilet' areas in which they keep far away from their resting grounds and dining area. Even within hours of birth, a piglet will walk away to a private area to use the 'toilet'. 
  • These very peaceful animals are the 12th sign of the Chinese Zodiac. They are seen to represent fortune, honestly, happiness and virility. 
  • Pigs have been the subject of many timeless films, shows, and stories - Charlotte's Web, Babe, Piglet, Miss Piggy, Porky the Pig, 3 Little Pigs and many more...

We LOVE pigs - for many reasons...What's your favorite thing about Pigs?!

Pig Fact Source: One Kind

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