Media Luncheon Sample Menu

Today we invited the Media and Distinguished Guest to sample a bit of the pork dishes that will be part of the Hops and Hogs Throwdown Dinner. Here is what the menu looked like and a few pictures of the event.
Our Talented Chefs

Chef Gregg Wangard

Bacon Jam, Head Cheese, Proscuitto, Loin Butter, Pate

Garden Setting

Best Salad EVER!

House Made Marshmallows and Turtle Pie

Chef Micheal Avila

Bacon Pudding and Stout Ice Cream

Smeets Meets His Pork

Chef Steve Smeets

Chef Greg Prepares His Pig

Chef Gregg Wangard 

Hannah Ingham AKA Muffin Goddess

Meet Hannah!

Occasional Mustache

"Call it 'Californicana' - country-rock soaked in sun, surf and bud."

The Occasional Mustache is a local band founded in 2011 and made up of six excellent musicians.
We can't think of a more fitting band for this event! 

"Who doesn't love the occasional mustache? Let's be honest, we all love a good one and the freedom of bearing a stash on a part-time basis. It is this expression that characterizes the honesty of Occasional Mustache. The band celebrates variety, in both music and facial hair stylings."
- The Occasional Mustache -

Listen Now!

Gregg starts a throwdown

Brewery Profile: Central Coast Brewery

Central Coast Brewery - San Luis Obispo's Local Brewery 

With a tasting room right downtown San Luis Obispo, Central Coast Brewery keeps a young, upbeat vibe while their beers maintain a well-developed, sophisticated taste. Keeping everything lighthearted, CCB likes to mix in humor while naming their brews. With names like Topless Blonde, Redhead and Brew-Nette, CCB doesn't discriminate. They are open every day - except Saturdays - with daily Hoppy Hour starting at 5 and often take part in local events. Plus if you ever hold your own event, they have their Tactical Thirst Response Unit available for rent for any size or type event. Have no fear! Your mobile party patrol is here!

We are excited to feature Central Coast Brewery at Hops and Hogs and can't wait for you to try their special beers!

Sample Recipe from Willie Vey

Chef Willie's
Sticky Toffee Pudding

An English steamed dessert, the Sticky Toffee Pudding consists of a very moist sponge cake made up of finely chopped dates covered with a bourbon toffee sauce. Sticky Monkey Stout ice cream accompanies the pudding, as well as a rosette of candied bacon. Divine. Thank you Chef Willie! 

Garden Foraging

Sycamore Springs' Garden is in abundance this Spring! Despite our dry winter this year, Sycamore's Garden managed to maintain it's luster. With a plethora of herbs, onions and other veggies, we cannot wait to see what the summer harvest will bring.

We are excited to share our garden goodies with you at Hops and Hogs!  Picked straight from the garden for your enjoyment. Cheers!

Today @ Gardens

Figueroa Mountain Brewery

Another local favorite brewery we are lucky to feature at our event on May 3rd, is Figueroa Mountain Brewery. Figueroa was started in Buellton, CA, and has since opened additional tasting rooms in Santa Barbara and Los Olivos. Started and ran as a family operation, Father and Son, Jim and Jaime Dietenhofer look to combine Top Tier Beers with a culture focused on everyday betterment.

The Family with Brewmaster A.J. Stoll (bottom right) 

With the help of Brewmaster A.J. Stoll, Figueroa Brewery has won 7 Gold Medals in various categories over the past couple years at National Beer Competitions and Festivals. A.J. Stoll helped win Figueroa 6 awards, in international competitions, in his first six months working with the brewery - out of those six medals, four were gold. Along with a plethora of Bronze and Silver medals, Figueroa Brewery continues to amaze, appeal and quench the thirst of Central Coast locals time after time.

A Sample Recipe from Casey Walcott

Pork Confit

By Chef Casey Walcott

With Pickled watermelon radish and jalapeƱo, caramelized onions, roast tomatoes, creamy avocado sauce 
on top of a sopapilla.

Fun Facts about our Fuzzy Friends

As we are getting prepared for our Big Event, we can't help but to think about bacon - I mean, Pigs. Not only do they provide us with amazing dishes and flavors, but they're also very intriguing, curious animals. Here are some fun insights into the life of a pig!

  • Oink, Oink! Pigs are in constant communication with one another. They encompass a range of oinks, squeals and grunts that all carry their own meanings.
  • Pigs are SMART! These curious and insightful animals are accepted as being smarter than young children, dogs and even some primates. 
  • The Snout. Pigs snouts are primarily a large disk of cartilage. This cartilage is attached to muscle which gives it extra flexibility and strength for 'rooting' into the ground more than most animals can. 
  • Although they love the mud as a way of cooling off, pigs are extremely clean. They have designated 'toilet' areas in which they keep far away from their resting grounds and dining area. Even within hours of birth, a piglet will walk away to a private area to use the 'toilet'. 
  • These very peaceful animals are the 12th sign of the Chinese Zodiac. They are seen to represent fortune, honestly, happiness and virility. 
  • Pigs have been the subject of many timeless films, shows, and stories - Charlotte's Web, Babe, Piglet, Miss Piggy, Porky the Pig, 3 Little Pigs and many more...

We LOVE pigs - for many reasons...What's your favorite thing about Pigs?!

Pig Fact Source: One Kind

The Rancher's Alliance - Jaime Harris Profile

Argentinian, Jaime Harris grew up on a 7,000 acre cattle ranch. Coming from a country that has a long, proud tradition in raising high-quality and purely grass fed beef, Jaime has grown up knowing the importance of authentic, legitimate livestock practices.
After receiving his degree in the US, Jaime returned to Argentina to manage several large cattle ranches. When a passion of horsemanship led him to pursue a professional polo player career, Jaime found his way back to the states, where he now resides.
Jaime helps fund the The Ranchers' Alliance. Jaime uses The Ranchers' Alliance as a way to educate and enable consumers as well as farmers. Coming from a traditional farming background, Jaime believes in instilling traditional farming practices on the Central Coast. As a farming consultant, Jaime practices and preaches the idea of livestock coming from truly authentic and traceable farms and sources..

We are so grateful to Jaime and The Ranchers' Alliance for providing us with such an authentic, high-quality Hog for our event this year! We appreciate all they do to keep our meat healthy and safe for everyone to eat! Cheers!

Firestone Walker Brewery

We are so excited to announce that Firestone Walker Brewery will be one of our local craft breweries in attendance at this year’s Hops and Hogs! Firestone enhances its name, popularity and beer selection with each new brewed batch. With such variety - from a selection of Pale Ales and Seasonal Delights to huge lists of eclectic offerings along with limited vintage barrel releases – Firestone is never likely to disappoint... 

Starting out as Brother-in-Laws living on the Central Coast, debating over how to make the best brew, Firestone has now turned itself into a National name. Central Coast native, Adam Firestone with partner and Brother-in-Law, Englishman David Walker, have together created the perfect blend and balance between the authenticity of Old World crafts and the innovative spirit of California.

They have paired hops, malt and barley and mastered it - Now let’s see how their craft pairs with Pig!